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Bobcats Baseline is now Tweeting

Hey Baseliners: we’ve been hard at work on some new ways to step up our game for the upcoming season.  One thing we’re ready to tip off is our presence on Twitter.  Both ASChin and Dr. E will be tweeting during the season.  In addition to alerting you to new blog posts, we’ll be commenting on various and sundry other Bobcats-related items.

ASChin is tweeting as bobcatsbaseline.  He’ll be pushing out “Raymond Hating” tweets and analysis all season long.

Dr. E is tweeting as BaselineDrE.  He’ll be tweeting live from the Cable Box during (most) of this year’s home games.

While you’re busy adding us to your “following” list, here are a few other Bobcats Twitter-heads you might be interested in:

  • NazrMohammed got a choice username, but mostly just uses it to repost little inspirational sayings from Reverend Run.  On the other hand, if you had been following him on Friday afternoon, you might have been able to catch him and Gerald Henderson catching a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory — odd pairing, no?
  • GhJr09 is the aforementioned Gerald Henderson, who sets the bar low by stating on his page that he’s “not a good tweeter at all.”
  • TysonChandler is another one with a choice username, and it’s worth visiting his page just to see his background art.  Can anyone tell me what’s going on here?
  • gobobcats is the Official Twitter of the Charlotte Bobcats.  I’d highly recommend this one — they’re tweeting live from games and doing a lot of alerts to new content on  Of course, their game tweeting is pretty vanilla and sugary-sweet positive — which is why you’ll need to follow Dr. E, who will be sure to tell you when the Cats are playing like garbage, Larry Brown is melting down, and the arena is only 1/4 full…
  • bobcatsbuzztap is a nice feed that aggregates links to all kinds of Bobcats coverage: the Observer, the Baseline, Queen City Hoops, etc.

Reminder: Bobcats Baseline is also on Facebook: become a fan today!  (We’re always looking for more internet-friends)

- Dr. E, ASChin and Deesdale

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